Here are a few tips that will make your pet feel better during the visit

In order to make a visit please make a phone call or let us know in person or by email
If we know that our dog can be aggressive we should tell this before the visit
If it’s the first dog’s visit, please let us know, we will reserve more time for him
Don’t feed animals just before the visit
Dog should have a short walk before visit
In case of resignation, please let us know
For hair cut without bathing, please comb and bath pet the day before your visit (n/a long-haired cats)
If a dog had suffered or suffer from neurological, mental, motion, skin, allergy etc. - please report it before the visit
Fleas and ticks found in animals hair are removed obligatory, for the owner cost

Feel free to visit us at Perzyńskiego 12 in Warsaw Bielany

Please let us know if you are coming

    509 078 745
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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